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  • What's coming next?
    I'm focused on the Trinity Distillery series. The next book is Tipsy-Turvy. It is Kyle Hood and Mercy Guthrie's story. I don't have a release date for it yet.
  • What is your newest book?
    My newest release is Royal Mess, a #1 bestselling novella duet featuring two princes from a fictional European country. You can find out more about Royal Mess here.
  • How many books will be in the Trinity Distillery series?
    Right now, I've planned for the Trinity Distillery series to be four books. The first book, Barreled Over, featuring Ava Grace Landy (a secondary character from my Riley O'Brien & Co. series) and Jonah Beck, is published. The other three are in the works. I don't have publication dates yet. See below for more information on each book: Book 2: Tipsy-Turvy featuring Kyle Hood and Mercy Guthrie Book 3: Bottled Up featuring Renner Holt and Sasha Ryan Book 4: Chased Down featuring Gabriel (Gabe) Bristow and you'll have to wait to find out
  • How many books are in the Riley O'Brien & Co. series?
    There are three full-length novels and three novellas in the Riley O'Brien & Co. series plus a collection of the three novellas. Book One: All the Right Places featuring Quinn O'Brien & Amelia Winger Book Two: Coming Apart at the Seams featuring Teagan O'Brien & Nick Priest Book Three: Hanging by a Thread featuring Cal O'Brien & Bebe Banerjee Novella One: The Perfect Fit featuring Zeke May and Margo Lange Novella Two: A Kick in the Pants featuring Jake Lilliard and Kyla Andrews Novella Three: Will Never Fade featuring Garrett Gale and Phoebe Werner Novellas Collection: Forever in Blue Jeans (includes The Perfect Fit, A Kick in the Pants, and Will Never Fade) The entire Riley O'Brien & Co. collection is available in print, ebook, and audiobook.
  • Are you going to write any more "royal" books like Royal Mess?"
    Probably not. Royal Mess was fun to write, and readers love it - it was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon, but I don't have any more "royal" ideas. So if you were hoping for more, you're royally out of luck!
  • Where can I buy your books?
    My books are available from most online book retailers including: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo. My audiobooks are available on Amazon and Audible. And, my books are also available on the Radish app.
  • What is the "heat" level of your books?"
    In the romance genre, "heat" refers to both the amount of sex in the book and how explicit it is. Like beauty, heat is in the eye of the beholder, or in the eye of the reader, as the case may be. My books are not "closed door" or "clean" romance. They're not erotica, but they are erotic and explicit. They have naughty words in them. They should not be read by anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who thinks that cocks only describe male chickens.
  • How can I subscribe to your newsletter?
    You can subscribe to my newsletter here. It's easy - just fill out the form. I will never share or sell your information to a 3rd party.
  • How can I get exclusive sneak peaks, find out the latest news, and learn about your giveaways?"
    If you want to be the first to know what's going on, sign up for my newsletter. Or you could join my Facebook group - Jenna Sutton's Romance-Loving Readers.
  • How can I get an autographed copy of one of your books?
    Contact me at with the subject line of AUTOGRAPHED BOOK, and I'll get back to you with detailed instructions.
  • What is your typical day like? Do you write every day?
    I should write every day, but I don't. Just like we're all supposed to clean our toilets every day. Did you know that? I have a "day job" and that's what I do for eight hours of the day so I write when I find the time or when I feel the desire. I used to be stricter with my writing schedule, but then again, I used to be stricter about how much chocolate I eat too.
  • I want to write a romance novel. Do you have any advice?
    I think it’s important to read books in the genre you want to write. I also think it’s important to have critique partners who can provide honest, helpful feedback. And though every writer has his or her process, I find that I'm most productive and write the best books by creating detailed outlines so I know the main plot points, the conflict, and character arcs/growth. Good luck!

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